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We will be closed  March 31 for our computer conversion. Then on April 1, when you go into our home banking site you MUST RE-ENROLL for the service. There will be a link on the website to assist you and answer most questions.


APPLY FOR YOUR LOAN using our website






Free financial counseling service our newest member benefit

Members and their families now have free access to Financial Choice, an enhanced level of service from LSS Financial Counseling. Through our partnership members are eligible for up to six free sessions each year with a certified financial counselor who can help you create a budget, a plan to manage debt and find ways to avoid or respond to identity theft issues. Click here to go directly to the LSS website for more information or phone 1-800-528-2926.


Debit card transactions become "real time" March 31

Debit cards provide a fast and convenient way to make purchases from your checking account. However, unlike writing a check, the transaction will be real time starting March 31, which means you need to have the money in your account because the withdrawal takes place immediately. In the event your transacton is declined or causes an overdraft there will be a $20 fee.


Drive it away, vehicle loan rates as low as 1.90% APR

.  Sure there are many cars to look at, various makes and models... decisions, decisions. The good news, there is only one place to turn for financing when you buy your next vehicle, your Credit Union. Our rates are as low at 1.90% APR (model years 2011 - 2015) and if by chance you already purchased a vehicle and financed at a higher rate, you may qualify to refinance the balance with us. Call or visit the Credit Union for details. (Longer terms, up to 144 months may be available for certain titled vehicles such as boats, RV's or motor homes.)  If by chance you have a vehicle loan financed with a different lender and the rate is higher, consider refinancing through the credit union at our low rate.

* These annual percentage rates were in effect 3/1/15  and are based on year of vehicle, or purpose of the loan, term and your credit history. All rates subject to change. Payment example: $25,000 borrowed for 60 months at 1.90% APR will have an approximate monthly payment of $437.10.

An unsecured loan special -- as low as 6.75% APR

While most loans are secured by your savings, a titled vehicle or a home, your Credit Union offers competitive rates as low as 6.75% APR for unsecured amounts up to $10,000. Whether you'd like to borrow money for a vacation, home decorating or to consolidate higher interest rate loans at other lenders, this is the perfect plan. (The interest rate you receive will be based on the term of the loan, amount borrowed and your credit history.) Apply through our website, at our office or by calling 651-227-0771.


  A first for purchase or refinancing 
                                                                  and second mortgages too 

Through our lending partner First Class Mortgage various First Mortgage loan options for purchase and refinancing are available for our members in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  In addition, the Credit Union finances Second/Home equity loans. Contact Wayne Melby at our office 651-227-0771 to review which loan plan will best meet your needs.





Estimate your monthly payment for a vehicle and other personal loans with our online Calculator and then apply through our website or by calling 651-227-0771.



Always review your Credit Card and Checking/Debit card statements carefully

A credit and debit card are convenient ways to pay for purchases at stores and online, but it is important to carefully review the transactions on your statements each month. 

From media reports you are likely aware of the possible breach of credit and debit card information at various well known companies. As you review your statements if you suspect your VISA Card or Debit Card/checking account may have been compromised, please alert the Credit Union at 651-227-0771


  Enjoy shopping with one of our "cards" in your wallet

Buying online or by telephone requires a credit or debit card. If you select a credit card, is the one you are using affordable? Our VISA Card has no annual fee and the interest rate is just 14.25% APR. *

Also, our re-loadable VISA Travel Card is popular with travelers or members who do not qualify for a credit card.  It will hold balances up to $5000.  There is a $3.95 fee for the card.  Obtain more information or a card by talking with one of our staff.

Another option is the Credit Union's Debit Card, linked directly to your checking account.  Contact the Credit Union for details and to apply for one of our cards, 

* VISA Annual percentage rate was in effect 3/1/15 and is subject to change. Complete terms and conditions provided when you apply.


 Online Bill Payment the easy way to pay

Have you tried our Online Bill Payment Service to pay utilities, credit cards, insurance or other bills?  It's as easy as following the screens and entering all the information about the company you are paying. Log onto the Pipeline Home Banking site and select Bill Pay icon to review the terms and conditions page, confirm your acceptance and then enter all the information for the bill payments you wish to take place in the future.

If you experience problems or have questions phone 888-551-0118 for assistance.

This Guided Tour explains the features and benefits of Online Bill Payment.

Also, this interactive link will allow you to familiarize yourself with the screens you will be using.


   It's time to think about retirement

Have you thought about retirement yet?  If an Individual Retirement Account is part of your plan consider the savings options offered by your Credit Union.  We offer eligible members Traditional and Roth IRAs in the form of daily interest accounts and certificate of deposits. Contact our staff for more information.  

* We recommend you speak with a tax adviser to determine your eligibility and any tax benefits of the IRA products you are considering.


 Help the kids at Gillette Children's Health Care

Pipefitters Steamfitters and other area credit unions have joined together to support the Children's Miracle Network. This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping kids by raising funds for hospitals and programs across North America. The money we raise benefits Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, St. Paul. Donations of $3 or more will be recognized with a paper balloon hung in our office. You can mail your check payable to Children's Miracle Network to our office or make your donation the next time you are in the branch.

We always encourage members to review their credit history. Once a year you are able to do so for free. Follow this link to order your Free Credit Report.


 Apply online, in person or by phone when you need a loan.

We have LOANS to suit all your needs AND wants!  Apply online or Call today and speak to a loan officer 

For a Second Mortgage:  click here for our online application.

                               Order your Free Credit Report

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